Comprehensive Motor Car Insurance

Protects your vehicle against physical damage
and Third Party Liabilities

Comprehensive Motor Car Insurance Coverage protects your vehicle against physical damage, theft or the high cost of repairs. It can also be extended to shield you from any legal liability against accident to third party arising out of the use of your vehicle. With the previous experiences, it is recommended that you take the Acts of Nature cover to completely protect your investment.

The limits of liability of the Insurer are the amounts specified in the policy either for loss or damage to the vehicle or for liability to the third parties.

Our promise to keep you ……OUR PRIORITY!!!


Classification of Motor Vehicle Insurance:

  1. Private Car Policy
  2. Commercial Vehicle Policy
  3. Land Transportation Operators Policy (LTO)
  4. Motorcycle Policy
  5. Note…..For Fleet Acct., please send us the List of motor cars with year model, brand and sum insured.

Comprehensive Coverage:

  1. Own Damage / Theft or Loss and Damage
  2. Excess Bodily Injury
  3. Excess Property Damage
  4. Auto Personal Accident
  5. Compulsory Third Party Liability
  6. Acts of God